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After three year's absence, Brenda Treacy and her development team are back. There were a number of reasons behind the decision to return.

One being continually approached by former and potential new clients on when we would be back in the business.

Also after many years of consistently delivering quality web sites for a wide range of businesses nationwide we were missing being part of this creative exciting results driven industry.

Web Hosting and Optimisation

top search results in all major search engines - fast, reliable and high security servers

We offer competitively priced hosting plans to meet all client requirements. In addition, we offer outstanding search engine optimisation.


We are a large and reliable web hosting company and offer some of the most advanced and affordable web hosting solutions available in New Zealand. We offer you peace of mind that your website will be visible on the web 24/7 and we provide fast, reliable, and high security servers.

Search Engine Optimisation


  1. Is your current website enjoying top search result placements from major search engines?
  2. Is your current website above or alongside your competitors in all major search engines for relevant keyword searches relating to your products or services?

If your website doesn't appear within the first few pages of results when your business keywords are searched for, there is no point in even having a website.

Why Do I Need Optimisation?

How your website ranks with major search engines can make all the difference to the success or failure of your website.

Treacy Web Design provides optimisation that is aimed at placing your website above or near your competitors in search result positions for all major search engines.

We ensure that the strict criteria of all major search engines are met in order to place your company website amongst the top pages of results for targeted keywords that are relevant to your target market.

We fit Google Analytics reporting to your website at the time of development. Google Analytics is a very widely-used and comprehensive system that allows you to see where your visitors come from, how much time they spend on your website and which pages they look at. We carry out regular checks on your keyword search results performance to track the movement of your search result rankings.

Although the process of search engine optimisation is a complex one and it is impossible to guarantee a “number one” ranking, we believe that our excellent track record with optimisation and the results that we have obtained for our clients speak for themselves.

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