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After three year's absence, Brenda Treacy and her development team are back. There were a number of reasons behind the decision to return.

One being continually approached by former and potential new clients on when we would be back in the business.

Also after many years of consistently delivering quality web sites for a wide range of businesses nationwide we were missing being part of this creative exciting results driven industry.

Website Design in Christchurch and the Waikato

Website Development - Web Hosting - Search Engine Optimisation

When considering an online presence for your company

Stick to these two simple facts:

  1. All companies will reap benefits from a website which portrays their business in a most professional light while enjoying excellent search engine optomisation resulting in top placements in all major search engines.
  2. If your website doesn't appear within the first few pages of results when your business keywords are searched, there is little point in even having one.

What to be aware of

  1. The web development industry is crawling with back yarders, fly by nighters and companies over-promising and under-delivering.
  2. Another classic is the hungry, commission-based sales reps who will tell you absolutely anything for a quick sale.
  3. DIY websites where you can create the look and feel of a professionally built site, but at what cost to your business?

Unless you are highly skilled in SEO and can meet the needs of all search engine criteria or have a huge marketing budget, your DIY website will sit on a server never to be seen in top placements alongside your competitors in all major search engines.

Like most business people you will not have enough hours in the day. You may have considered website development or a revamp of your current Website but put it in the too hard basket.

All we need is an hour of your time.

What we need from you:

  1. You will need to have a discussion with the Production Manager about the look and feel of your new website.
  2. Supply us with your Logo and let our production manager know what format you will supply your products in or where we can source them from for populating your new e-commerce website
  3. Have a phone interview with our experienced journalist so he can get a total feel for your business and create keyword rich content that stands out online and entices your audience.
  4. Let us train you on the use of the Content Management System. We even supply a Manual.

We get you ready to enter the fast-paced online sales world with a outstanding website that will work.

We do the rest.

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